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Offseason Outline

Hey everyone! This is the new writer, Brandon. I previously wrote for The Pinstriper as the founder and main contributor. After receiving and accepting an offer from Ed to write for Pinstripe Alley, I decided that I should give you guys a little bit of info about my style of writing.

-I love to use hyperlinks.

-I tend to write in many different paragraphs.

-I will always comment back.

-You can email me at

-You can follow me on twitter here.

Anyway, on to my first post!

The Yankees have had a pretty busy offseason so far, with the Curtis Granderson trade and the Nick Johnson signing.

This begs the question: Now what?

Here's what I would do:

1. Sign Justin Duchscherer.

Duchscherer is a solid #3 or #4 starter in the AL East. With a career ERA of 1.83 vs. the Red Sox, 1.48 vs. the Rays, 2.78 vs. the Orioles, and 3.09 vs. the Blue Jays, I think he has proven that he can pitch in the AL East. If the Yankees can get him on a one-year deal worth about $8-9 million OR a two-year deal worth about $15 Million, why not take the chance? Worst comes to worse he struggles and the Yankees move on to option B. Plus, the Red Sox are considering signing Duchscherer. The Yankees can NOT afford to lose another starter to the Red Sox at this point. 

WARNING: Duchscherer seems to get worse as the season goes along.

2.  Sign Chien-Ming Wang.

I honestly do not know how much money this would cost, or even if this is a legitimate option. Chad Jennings reported (as we posted before) that the Yankees may match any offer given to the sinker-baller. Why not? Adds depth and if he is back to the old Wang, that could be one deadly rotation.

WARNING: Wang may not accept an offer from the Yankees. If he does he could struggle again and prove to be a big waste of money.

3. Have Joba start the season in the bullpen, Hughes in the rotation.

Joba Chamberlain is an MLB relief-pitcher. I have said this from the second he stepped foot on the mound at Yankee Stadium. He has no fire when he starts and just plain doesn't enjoy himself. The Yankees may benefit through trade value if they use him as a starter, but if they plan on keeping him he needs to be a reliever. If he pitches well enough he is the future closer. As for Hughes, as good as he was last year in the bullpen he is meant to be a starter. He doesn't base his performance on adrenaline like Joba does. He bases it on his god-given talent and he is one talented pitcher. The Yankees NEED at least one of the two to be a starter and that one should be Hughes.

WARNING: Either player could struggle with their role switch.

4. Keep all outfielders.

Everyone seems to be begging the Yankees to trade Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner, or even Nick Swisher. Why? What harm is done by the Yankees keeping all of the outfielders? Have the Melky/Gardy platoon in left, Granderson in center, and Swisher in right. Hoffmann can be the backup.

WARNING: No problem with this one.

Otherwise, I don't see any moves that are necessary. Have a competition for the utility job and the bullpen spots, with Cervelli being the backup catcher.