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Projecting the roster? Too early for that stuff

Mark Feinsand spent some time over the weekend ruminating about what the New York Yankees 25-man roster would look like if the season opened today.

Mike Lupica recently wrote an ominous-sounding column pointing out how much better the Boston Red Sox have gotten already this off-season.

You know what I think? I think it's December 21 and I really don't care what the roster looks like today. I care about the myriad of things I still have to do the next couple of days to get ready for Christmas.

The off-season is far from over. Roster projections made right now are much ado about nothing. Who knows what other moves will be made in the two months before Spring Training starts. Rest assured, though, there will be some. By the Yankees. By the Red Sox. By most big-league teams.

We know the Yankees will add some pitching before the season starts. So, let's not construct the staff until we see who the possibilities really are. Shoot, we should know from experience that the pitching staff in April will prbably look much different than the pitching staff in September/October.

The Yankees might add some bench help. They might trade an outfielder. Who knows. Nothing is won or lost on December 21, so I'm not getting all bent out of shape about it.

It is, undeniably, fun to talk about how is coming and going throughout the off-season. In fact, in some ways it is more fun than the daily grind of games during the season.

But, let's see what else GM Brian Cashman has up his sleeves. It's way too early to panic over any potential holes you might see in the 2010 roster. There might only be a few shopping days left until Christmas, but there are plenty of shopping days left before the 2010 season starts.