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Catcher defense and 'Diamondview'

There's great work being done by our fellow SBN bloggers. Driveline Mechanics broke down catcher's defense. It's one aspect that is so hard to quantify, and although it's not the end-all-be-all, it might be the best system in place right now.

Frankie Cervelli was, unsurprisingly, the best Yankee catcher, despite playing just 42 games. He saved 3.1 runs, good for 14th (out of 114). Jose Molina was actually a below average catcher, costing the Yankees 1.1 runs (ranking 82nd). Jorge Posada finished almost dead last, costing his team 5.9 runs, good for fifth worst in baseball.

The Yankees should feel confident in Cervelli backing up Posada next year. The only question is: how much will he hit? Can it really be worse than Molina (.217/.292/.268)?

  • Beyond the Box Score analyzed every Yankee starter, resulting in a beautiful compilation of each player's combined attributes. Here's Derek Jeter compared to the average shortstop:


The numbers represent the percentile. For example, Jeter's on-base skills were better than 95% of other shortstops.

It's a great visual way to quickly see how a player stacks up against his competition.