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Which pitcher do you want?

Travis mentioned the probability the Yankees will be seeking another starting pitcher in this morning's notebook. So, which guy do you want?

I think everybody left on on the market comes with questions. It's just a matter of which guy is the best gamble. Let's look at the most often mentioned candidates.

  • Ben Sheets: Probably the biggest upside, but also a huge injury risk factor. He would likely also be the most expensive option. Missed all of last season with an arm injury, but he has won at least 11 games six times and has a career WHIP of 1.201. A big risk, but possibly the biggest reward.
  • Justin Duchscherer: Also missed all of last season with an arm injury. Has two All-Star appearances in his xis-year career, and probably a lower price tag than Sheets. Offers a few things Sheets doesn't. First, all of his experience is in the American League. Second, has proven that he can be effective as both a starter and a reliever so would offer Joe Girardi flexibility.
  • Erik Bedard: Talented and left-handed, which are two nice advantages in Yankee Stadium. But, also injury prone and has made only 15 starts in each of the past two seasons. Plus, his toughness has been questioned in both Baltimore and Seattle. That could be a problem in New York.
  • Jon Garland: I know 'jscape' loves this guy, but I don't. Sure, he is pretty much a lock for 200 innings, but he is also extremely hittable. With balls flying out of Yankee Stadium like they do, I just don't see him as an effective option.
  • Jason Marquis: A 10-year veteran coming off a solid 15-13, 4.04 season (1.38 WHIP). But, Marquis has never pitched in the American League and that is a huge red flag for me.
  • Joel Pineiro: Another 10-year veteran coming off a good season where he went 15-12, 3.49 for St. Louis. It was Pineiro's best season since 2003. He has lots of AL experience with Seattle and Boston. Personally, I'm not convinced he can come close to repeating his 2009 season.
I'm not including the young Cuban left-hander Aroldis Chapman. Even if the Yankees do land the 21-year-old lefty he is highly unlikely to be a major league option in 2010, so I'm keeping him out of the debate.