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Post your 2010 lineup

Nick Johnson looks to be the final addition to next year's lineup. The odds of Johnny Damon coming back are pretty slim right now. How do you set the lineup?

I'll go first (against a RHP):

1. SS, Jeter, R - one of the game's best leadoff hitters.

2. DH, Johnson, L - .402 career OBP is exactly what you want at the top of the lineup. He'll force pitchers to pitch to Tex and A-Rod.

3. 1B, Tex, S - great hitter from both sides of the plate. Perfect for the three spot.

4. 3B, A-Rod, R - no-brainer. The top slugger in the AL.


5. C, Posada, S - this is a toss up between Swisher and Jorge, but I'll go with Posada because of a slightly higher slugging average.

6. LF, Granderson, L - another toss up, between Cano and Grandy, but Grandy gets the nod because of a slightly higher OBP, and his SLG should improve with the short porch in RF.

7. RF, Swisher, S - Swisher really could hit sixth, but I don't want two lefties (Grandy and Cano) hitting consecutively.

8. 2B, Cano, L - What a #8 hitter! .306/.339/.480 for his career.

9. CF, Melky or Gardner - that's a damn good ninth spot, and both hitters are entering what should be their primes.

With a lefty pitching, the only differences would be switching Granderson and Cano (who hits lefties significantly better), and maybe playing the righty Hoffmann in CF.