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Another theory on Granderson's sub -par 2009 season

In 'jscape's' post earlier today on Curtis Granderson, the new center fielder for our New York Yankees, he reached out to Bless You Boys. Their theory on his career-worst 2009 season was that "Jim Leyland (the Detroit manager) messed with his head."

I hate to keep beating the Granderson story to death, but here is another theory. A source close to the Tigers tells me that there are those around the organization who think the problem wasn't Leyland. Or Granderson. Rather, it was hitting coach Lloyd McClendon.

Two Detroit stars, Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez, reportedly refused to work with McClendon -- a .244 career hitter in the big leagues. Also, I was told, Placido Palanco stopped working with McClendon after getting off to a rocky 2009 start.

My source referred to McClendon as Leyland's "buddy," and said "Granderson should have followed the lead of Cabrera and the others and ditched him."

He added this about what to expect from Granderson as a Yankee.

"I'd say the Yankees stole Curtis. And those idiots calling WFAN wondering about his low BA last year, and his high K's ... I imagine he'll rebound somewhat this season, and then big the following year."

Here are some links to stories about McClendon and his issues with Tiger hitters.

All I can say is I hope Kevin Long is able to fix whatever ails Granderson.