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New York Yankees News & Notes: Thanks for the memories, Godzilla

Hideki Matsui is now a member of the Angels. So, thank you Hideki for seven terrific seasons as a Yankee. Oh, and especially for this.

I was surprised Monday by Boston's signing of Mike Cameron, which leaves Jason Bay and Matt Holliday on the market. I still believe the Yankees most logical, and best, course of action is to re-sign Johnny Damon. That isn't going to happen, however, until Damon and uber-agent Scott Boras realize his price tag has got to come down. With Bay and Holliday still available, and Curtis Granderson already in pinstripes, the Yankees are firmly in the driver's seat here. I believe they will eventually get Damon at their price.

As for Boston's signing of John Lackey I'm not worried about that much, either. Lackey's good, but not Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee good. Besides, the Yankee pitching is fine. And the addition of a Ben Sheets/Justin Duscherer type would be enough for me at this point.

Want to show off your love for the Yankees? How about getting yourself a 2009 World Series vanity license plate.

The Yankees didn't want Chien-Ming Wang. It seems like there sure are a lot of team, however, interested in acquiring the former Yankee ace.

You had to figure this would happen eventually. Nick Swisher is now a TV star.