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Your Saturday News Round-Up

I won't be calling this "Around the Yankee Universe" like Ed does, mainly because I can't afford to have the Yankees sue me, like they're doing to the guys over atThe Yankee Universe.

Good for those guys to keep writing, and they've got a good piece up on Cashman's interview with Mike Francesa.

I think I’d like to add if I could. It’s just that the prices on some of these (free agents) are prohibitive, and it’s a very limited list as well, the list that we would have an interest in.

Erik Manning of Fangraphs thinks that Kanekoa Teixeira is good enough to stick with Seattle (he was taken in the Rule 5 draft).  I won't second guess the players Cash added to the 40-man.  It's been decades since the Yanks had enough quality minor leaguers to lose any.  To lose multiple players in consecutive years speaks to how highly the rest of the league thinks of the Yanks' minor league system.

Will Carrol talked to about some injury concerns for you fantasy players.

NoMaas is opposed to signing Mark DeRosa and so am I.  A NL team will offer DeRosa and Hairston Jr. more than the Yanks should.  We lost pitchers in the Rule 5 draft because we've got Reegie Corona, Eduardo Nunez, Ramiro Pena and Kevin Russo on the 40-man roster.  One of them will be able to be our supersub.  If we didn't have some faith in our prospects, we'd have never known Cervelli.

Scouting the Sally has a scouting report up on Single-A prospect Melky Mesa, which Dylan Sharek built off to underscore the primary difficulty of scouting: how do you know the guy you see on the day you're there is the guy who will show up day in and day out.