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Blast from the past

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And perhaps more relevant than ever (with the help of Bryan Hoch) -

The Rich Get Richer As Orioles Get Wells
Published: December 27, 1995

The Baltimore Orioles got stronger yesterday -- again. This time they did it at the expense of the Yankees, with whom they have had a monthlong competition for players in preparation for their seasonlong competition for the American League East championship next year.

The Orioles, adding their sixth new player in the past 10 days, acquired David Wells, a veteran left-handed starting pitcher, from the Cincinnati Reds for Curtis Goodwin, a promising young outfielder...

Jim Bowden, the Reds' general manager, declined to discuss the Yankees' involvement, but an official familiar with the Wells talks said Steinbrenner called Bowden Saturday night and offered pitcher Mariano Rivera and catcher Jorge Posada.

Bowden, looking to cut his payroll, obviously decided he preferred Goodwin, a 23-year-old left-handed hitter, who in 87 games with the Orioles last season batted .263 and had 22 stolen bases in 26 attempts.

A lot here. Remember that time when Baltimore was the Yankees' main rival? And were considered a rich, marketable, perennially successful team? The O's finished first or second every year between 1994 and 1997.

Imagine if George had gotten his way, and the Yanks lost Rivera and Posada? History as we know it would've been vastly different. How many titles do the Yanks win? One, zero?

Sometimes not making a trade is the best move.