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Another Reason Matsui Won't Be Back

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The Elias Rankings came out today, and everybody's favorite 2009 World Series MVP took a hit in the standings.

Hideki Matsui will be an uncompensated free agent, providing the Yankees with no reason to offer him arbitration.

I have figured from the start that someone will overpay the aging DH, but this pretty much seals the deal.  

(By the way, I read Mariners so many places- I get it, they have signed a lot of Japanese players- but my money would be on an organization that is treading water and hoping for a different outcome like the White Sox, Tigers, or Rangers to sign Matsui to a 2 or 3 year deal around $10M per year).

Matsui could come back to my Yankees on an incentive deal with a base around $5M (more for staying off the DL and hitting for power), agreeing to be an 80 game DH and the best pinch hitter in baseball.