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David Wells calls Joe Torre 'such a tool'

In an article he wrote for the NY Post -

Right before Game 5 (of the 2003 World Series), I had back spasms. I threw five or six warm-up pitches and told pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre to get another pitcher ready because I wasn't going to make it. Mel was like, "No, you can do it."

I threw maybe 10 warm-up pitches total in the bullpen -- I spent most of the time lying on my back -- and said, "If you guys want me to pitch, so be it."

I went out there and my first pitch was like 78 mph. I soon came out of the game, and here is why Joe Torre is such a tool: I came out of the game and some guys were mad. I went in the training room and had no trainer, no doctor, no coach, nobody. I had to have one of the clubhouse kids put an icepack on my back. Then I had back surgery a week later.

If my back is healthy we win that World Series.

The only problem is that he was bragging before that game about how he didn't need to exercise, unlike those workout freaks Nolan Ryan, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

He also goes on to say the Yankees are the team of the decade. (h/t to BTF)