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I'm happy for...

I was happy for a lot of our guys when they won the pennant, but I'm positively giddy thinking about the team now.

We can now look at every guy on the team and say: 'He's got a ring.' No one will ever take that away from them. When they're 50 and retired, we know they'll have at least one incredible memory from their playing days. And although I'm just a fan, it makes me happy.

The young duo of Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. They were drafted by the Yankees in 2004 and 2006, respectively. What fortune they had! What if Pittsburgh or Washington had taken them? They'd be settling in for a career of last place finishes and nary a playoff appearance. Instead they're at the pinnacle of pro baseball in just their third big league year. They'll both go on to hopefully have long, successful careers, but last night was something they'll never forget.

Alex Rodriguez had, to say the least, a tumultuous season. From Selena Roberts to hip surgery to Kate Hudson to postseason MVP. So many doubters... and he showed them all with a monster playoff run.

In Hideki Matsui's first year with the Bombers, they won the pennant but lost the World Series. It took him six years to get back, and he made sure not to lose another one. His humility and respect for the game is rarely seen today, and it has been amazing to watch a player of his class for seven years.

Joe Girardi got slammed so many times this year. But after it's all said and done, he is the manager of the title-winning team. For as bad as he may have been, he has a World Series ring. If there's any quality to really admire in Joe, it's his work ethic. He looks like he could still play, and is probably in better shape than quite a few of his players. He may have made some bad decisions, but you can't say he didn't work his ass of to try to make the best decisions possible.

And we certainly can't forget George III. Despite declining health, he's still the figurehead of the franchise. I was afraid he might pass away before his beloved team could win another title. 'Boss, this if for you.'

(Has anyone else noticed how Hank has been totally pushed aside? Remember when the sons took over, and every other quote was from Hank? That changed quickly. At the trophy ceremony, it was Hal front and center, hoisting the trophy, wearing a 'World Champions' cap and Yankee jacket. Hank was in the back row with no Yankee paraphernalia, sort of watching the goings on and clapping on occasion.)