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Texts from a Red Sox fan

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I saved my cousin's texts for just this day.

June 10 - after the Yanks had dropped their seventh straight to Boston, 6-5, he said: 'GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

My response: '18-1' (he's a Pats fan)

Him: 'No - 7-0.'

Me: '26-7 is more like it.' (WS titles)

Him: 'Typical Yankees fan - still living in the past!!!'

Me: '2000 was so long ago! Wake me when you get within 10!!'

Him: 'It was long ago when you throw 2004 & 2007 in between. I'll wake you the next time the Yanks win one if you haven't fallen into a coma.'

Me: 'Sox fans like to think baseball began 5 years ago.'

Him: 'No, we're well aware they were playing in 1912. The other time we began the season 6-0 vs. the Yanks. Oh, and won the WS.'

Me: 'Oh - clear connection there. 1912 is a great predictor of 2009.'

Him: 'Oh, not a prediction. Just a fact. Like the fact that WE OWN YOU!!!'

Me: 'Sounded like a prediction.'

June 17

Him: (A photo of someone wearing a shirt that read: "Jesus hates the Yankees") 'LOL......... :) '

Me: '26 titles says that he doesn't. Not that I care.'

July 12 - after the Yanks were swept by Anaheim

Him: 'Back to a 3 game lead before the break - Perfect!!!'

September 20

Him: 'So the Sox are going to KC and the Yanks are going to LAA..... Hmmmmmm.'

Me: 'Talking shit from 2nd place?'

Him: 'Yup - We've won the whole thing from 2nd. :) '


So now the question is: what do I send him to rub it in? A photo of the Yanks celebrating? Just the number '27'?