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Spring Training schedule released

The most compelling game is the final one, between the Yankees and the 'Yankees Future Stars,' on April 3. According to the better-than-ever LoHud:

It's going to be between the big league Yankees and the upper-level minor leaguers, guys who were just cut out of big league camp and some Double-A guys who are on the fringe of making the Triple-A team.

If you're like me and really enjoy the player development side of baseball, you should be excited for that game. Even if you only care about the big league club, that game should provide a look at the guys who will be coming and going to help the major league roster throughout the year. That's a pretty cool way to wrap up spring training.

What a great idea. It gives the players and fans a chance to see the up-and-comers, while also giving those prospects the experience of playing against major league competition. I expect we'll see the big three of Jackson, Montero and McAllister.