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Who would you vote for?

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The Hall of Fame candidates have been announced.

Here is the full list.

Roberto Alomar
Kevin Appier
Harold Baines
Bert Blyleven
Ellis Burks
Andre Dawson
Andres Galarraga
Pat Hentgen
Mike Jackson
Eric Karros
Ray Lankford
Barry Larkin
Edgar Martinez
Don Mattingly
Fred McGriff
Mark McGwire
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Dave Parker
Tim Raines
Shane Reynolds
David Segui
Lee Smith
Alan Trammell
Robin Ventura
Todd Zeile

I think Roberto Alomar and Barry Larkin are locks to get in, either this year or very soon. There are a bunch of other names on here I am on the fence about -- including Mark McGwire, Edgar Martinez and Bert Blyleven. I would love to say Don Mattingly should get in, but I can't. He didn't dominate long enough.

So, your task for today is to convince me who should get in. Or, who shouldn't, depending on your point of view.