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Halladay would approve trade to Yankees

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According to Bob Elliott of Canada's Slam Sports -

"I don't know who Toronto will wind up with," a major league executive said Friday. "I don't know when he is going and I don't know where he's going.

"But I do know that Halladay has told the Jays he'll approve a trade to the Yankees."

Who knows who the 'major league executive' is. It could be the Jays' own GM, trying to get the Red Sox involved. (via MLBTR)

Towers, fired last month as the Padres' general manager, told ESPN that he will meet with the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox and Mariners at the winter meetings in Indianapolis and decide which team to join - in an advisory role - shortly after.

The odds favor the Yankees to land Towers, 48, who is widely respected throughout the industry for the job he did in San Diego. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has a very close friendship with Towers...

I liked what Towers did with limited flexibility in San Diego. He could be a valuable asset to the Yankees.