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The 40 Man and Free Agents

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Chad Jennings points out that the Yanks currently have 39 players on the 40-man roster.

Assuming that they non-tender Chien Ming Wang, that leaves only 2 empty spots on the roster.

Pettitte, Damon, Matsui.

Either Cashman is sure that he only wants to bring in 2 free agents (and sure about cutting Wang), or he's sure he'll trade away somebody who is currently on the roster.  Given the Yanks' lukewarm regards for Hideki, I'm sure it's the end of Godzilla in New York.  Cashman may even be willing to enter the season with Gardner and Cabrera in the outfield- I don't like cutting that much power out of the lineup.

I'm hoping Cash sees trade possibilities.  Roy?  Another pitcher?  An outfielder?  Prospects?