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Why Aren't We Looking at Jon Garland?

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I'm campaigning for Jon Garland as 3rd starter (or 4th if Andy re-signs).

With the Diamondbacks and Dodgers, the righty threw 204 innings.  He doesn't strike anybody out, but he doesn't walk anybody either.

The 30 year old signed last season for one year and $7M with a $10M option.  I see no reason he'd expect significantly more than that for 2010.  He'd be a respectable 3rd starter and easy to deal if all the other pitchers come on strong and push him out of the rotation.

He's a Type B free agent, so while the Dodgers would receive a sandwich round pick, the Yankees would not sacrafice a draft pick.

If you're worried about guaranteeing spots in the rotation to both Joba and Phil, and you're not excited by a 4 or 5 year commitment to John Lackey, or if you're skeptical about Rich Harden and Ben Sheet, then Jon Garland is your man.