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Yankee pitchers blow it, send Series back to New York after 8-6 loss

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If we knew beforehand that Cliff Lee would give up five runs in seven innings, we'd have taken it in a second and never looked back. I'm also sure we would think we'd be celebrating right now if we could score five off Lee. It was not to be.

A.J. Burnett wasn't fooling anyone. He gave up as many runs as outs: six. He was pulled in the third with runners on the corners and no outs. To give you an idea of how good Yankee starters have been, this was the first postseason start that didn't go at least six innings.

Would Burnett have fared better on full rest in Game 6? We'll never know, only that he got hit early and often. He gave up three runs (on a - who else? - Chase Utley homer) before ever recording an out.

Then, when the Yankees were making their inevitable comeback, Phil Coke served up two gopher balls (to two lefties) in one inning. That really put the game out of reach. A six-run deficit in the eighth was a bit too large for the Yanks to overcome, though they gave it their all, rallying to get within two. It's not like Marte should have been unavailable: yes, he he saw action in the previous two games, but only threw four pitches last night.

If there were some positives to take from this game, it would be the performances of Robertson, Aceves and Hughes, the avoidance of Mo, and that the Yankees are swinging the bats well. Hopefully it means Pedro gets tattooed in Game 6.

Let's not all go crazy during the off-day tomorrow. There will be a lot of anxiety, but it doesn't mean we have to kill each other.