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How about some happiness, gang?

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Take this as a poke at my fellow writers here at Pinstripe Alley if you like, but can we please show a little happiness around here this morning?

Our New York Yankees are up 3 games to 1 in the World Series and could clinch their 27th World Series. They won a hard-fought, dramatic game in Philadelphia last night with some incredible clutch play.

And what do I read this morning?

I read Travis kvetching about Joba's pitch selection. And Jorge's base-running (which, by the way, I had no problem with). And Jorge's catching (by the way, you try catching a ball with a 250-pound man about to run right through you).

I read silliness (sorry, jscape) about the fact that CC Sabathia does not have a World Series victory. I read more silliness suggesting the Yankees take their foot off Philly's throat and pushing A.J. Burnett back.

You know what, gang? No team is perfect. No game is perfect. But, last night had the perfect ending.

Where is the praise this morning for Johnny Damon? What a great at-bat he had against Brad Lidge in the ninth inning, fighting for a hit. Then the stolen base and his alert, mad dash to an uncovered third base that set up all the fireworks. Thank you, Johnny!

Where is the praise for Alex Rodriguez, who came through again with another in a long line of huge 2009 clutch post-season hits? Thank you, A-Rod!

Where is the praise for Sabathia? Maybe he didn't have his best stuff last night, but he earned his paycheck with a gutty performance in which he made critical pitches to get out of jams time and time again. He didn't get the win, but the Yankees don't win without what he did.

Where is the happiness? Where is the excitement? C'mon, gang. The clock is ticking toward No. 27, and we are closing in on being able to finally cast aside some of the bitter memories of the past few seasons.

One more win, and there will be a New York Yankee parade down the Canyon of Heroes. Lighten up and enjoy the moment.