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Around the Yankee Universe: Mark DeRosa, anyone?

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Here are a few stories worthy of discussion today Around the Yankee Universe.

Infielder Mark DeRosa's glove could be good fit

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News is suggesting that the Yankees pursue DeRosa, the veteran utility man.

If the Yankees bring back Johnny Damon, DeRosa would be a good fit because he could play left field on days when Damon serves as the designated hitter. DeRosa, who has started 212 games in the outfield, 311 at third base, 304 at second base, 139 at shortstop and 23 at first base, could also spell Alex Rodriguez at third base on his DH days, making him an ideal addition for the aging Yankees.

The Yankees have shown prior interest in DeRosa, who is well-regarded by many inside the organization. At least 10 teams are reportedly in the mix for DeRosa, who hit .250 with 23 home runs, 78 RBI and 78 runs scored in 139games with Cleveland and St. Louis last season.

My take: This is an idea that I like, particularly if HIdeki Matsui and Jerry Hairston Jr. are not part of the 2010 Yankee roster. There have been seasons when GM Brian Cashman has pretty much ignored the bench, and last season we saw how important having quality depth is. Just like Hairston was an upgrade over Cody Ransom, DeRosa would be an upgrade over Hairston.

Speaking of Matsui, IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS... caught. makes an impassioned, somewhat melancholy, case for why the World Series MVP can't be a Yankee next season.

It's no fun, closing the book on a great novel.

Its like watching Peter Pan, when you were a kid: You didn't want it to end. You wished you could stay in that fantasy world, flying with Tinker Bell and always outwitting Captain Hook. Everything was magical. And then... it ended... on a school night, no less.

We have no place next year for Hideki Matsui.

It's not his fault. Great player. Great Yankee. Great man. He just can't play the outfield anymore. And we just can't take a full-time DH anymore.

My take: Unfortunately, I agree with this. The Yankees have too many veteran guys who could benefit from rotating through the DH spot. If the Yankees keep Damon, Matsui, as much as I love the guy and what he has done for the Yankees, would be cluttering up the roster.

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