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Cinci Salary Dump?

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The Post:

The Reds have let teams know they would just about give away Francisco Cordero (two years, $25 million), Bronson Arroyo ($11 million in 2010, $11 million 2011 option with a $2 million buyout) or Willy Taveras ($4 million in 2010).

I know all the negatives about Arroyo- his K/BB ratio is only about 2:1 over the last three season, and he's a fly ball pitcher.

But he's kept his ERA+ between 93-112 in the last 3 seasons and his FIP has been between 4.50 and 4.78 while pitching 200+ innings for 5 straight seasons.  I'm not worried about the launching pad worry, because he's coming out of Great American Ballpark, though I would of course worry about the NL to AL dropoff.

If Cashman really could bring Arroyo aboard in a deal reminiscent of the trade for Nick Swisher (the most valuable Wilson Betemit has been in his career), knowing Arroyo would be around for one season with a team option for another, I would bring him on as a 4th starter (resigning Pettitte or signing Lackey remains priority #1).