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Checking in on the Surprise

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The Yanks have several prospects playing in the AFL, so let's check them out the guys I've got my eye on.

Mixed results for IPK, who has allowed less a hit per inning and has walked only 5 in 25 innings of work against 23 Ks.  But the AFL is a hitters' league, and when they've connected they've made it count- he's allowed 13 ER in 6 games.

He's taking his lumps, but he needs to be challenged to develop beyond the timid pitcher we saw the last time he was up with the big club.

Want to start a trade rumor?  Zach Kroenke pitched on Thursday, and has been deactivated since then.  I haven't heard about an injury, so if I've missed something let me know.

The lefty gave up 13 hits in 14 innings with 4 walks and 12 Ks.  2 homers spoiled his 10 games of relief work.

Mike Dunn has been Burnettesque- 7 walks and 8 hits in 8 innings, but 15 Ks.

My current prospect crush Colin Curtis is crushing the ball: .388/.453/.687 with 10 K and 8 BB in 70ABs.  On the down side, this is the league that made Juan Miranda look like Albert Pujols last season.  On the plus side, Curtis is doing this against some of the best pitching he'll see outside of MLB.