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The Power of Pinstripes

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As much as I love the rumor mill, I try to balance the crazy with a little reality every now and then.

A question for you, Ken Davidoff of Newsday (whose reporting I usually find reliable):

Are the Yankees in the mix for Curtis Granderson, the man who hit as many triples as homers in 2007 (23!) and who forgot how to hit lefties in 2009 (.183/.245/.239!)?

Here's the headline:

Yankees could try to make deal for Granderson

Here's the relevant text:

The Yankees think very highly of Granderson, who turns 29 next March, hit 30 homers in 2009 and is under team control through 2013. Though Brian Cashman declined to trade high-caliber prospects for the likes of Johan Santana and Jake Peavy, he'd likely be more open to a deal like this because of the reasonable dollars committed to Granderson - $5.5 million next year, $8.25 million in 2011 and $10 million in 2012, with a $13-million team option (or $2-million buyout) for 2013 - for an extended period of time.

No quotes or citations, not even an anonymous source.

The rest of the article is based on an anonymous friend of Granderson who 'thinks' Gradnerson would enjoy playing in NY.

In fairness, Davidoff probably has no say on the headline, and I'm sure no one in the Yankee organization has said that the team is not interested in Granderson.  So, it's perfectly legitimate journalism.

It's November and we all miss the baseball season (especially those of us who double as Knick fans).  Pitchers and catchers are just 3 months away.