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Catching up on SBN awards

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It is awards time around Major League Baseball these days. Not to be outdone, the baseball bloggers here at SB Nation held their own awards voting.

I know they aren't official. But, kinda fun to see how our results compare with the official voting.

Here is how it broke down, according to our bloggers.

  • AL MVP -- Joe Mauer
  • NL MVP -- Albert Pujols
  • AL Rookie of the Year -- Elvis Andrus
  • NL Rookie of the Year -- Tommy Hanson
  • AL Cy Young -- Zack Grienke
  • NL Cy Young -- Tim Lincecum
  • AL Manager of the Year -- Mike Scioscia
  • NL Manager of the Year -- Jim Tracy

Keep reading for a few notes that actually involve our New York Yankees.

To me, this would be a mistake given what Detroit would likely be asking for. Granderson is a good player and an even better person, but as we saw this year, pitching is what wins championships.

Besides, go take a look at Granderson’s numbers the past three seasons - he was an absolute superstar in 2007, but he’s declined in each of the past two years. Not a good sign. He’s a strikeout machine (141 or more in three of the past four seasons) who can’t hit lefties (he hit .183 with two home runs and nine RBI in 180 at-bats last season), making him anything but a complete player.

If Brian Cashman decides to deal his top prospects - Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero, in particular - he better make sure it’s the right deal. Outfield isn’t really the Yankees’ need right now. They can easily sign back Johnny Damon and go to war with the same trio they had this year when they won the World Series.

If Cashman is going to trade Jackson and/or Montero, it’s got to be for Roy Halladay or another stud starting pitcher. The Yankees are intrigued by John Lackey, but not to the point where they want to give him $90 million. Adding Halladay to a rotation with CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett would put the Yankees in position to be the overwhelming favorite, and Halladay has already proven his ability to dominate in the AL East.