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Rumor Mongering

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I don't think I've posted my annual guide to the Hot Stove yet, so look for that in the coming days.  But for now, just remember that the Yankees will be tied to everyone.  While I wish I was a GM, and so I consider every rumor and even manufacture an idea or two of my own.  Maybe this makes me the media's whore, but I'm ok with it.

My advice: just don't get to excited about who the Yankees "are sure" to get or not get until you see a press conference and a man in a jersey.  And remember when the Yanks don't make the "obvious" move, they have a plan of their own that they are following.

Fox Sports (Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi):

Some agents and executives, viewing Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner as little more than spare outfielders, actually believe the Yankees should focus more on center field than left.

Cameron posted a UZR of 10 last season, with an OPS+ of 111, even though his linedrive rate dropped to its lowest since 2002.

His plate discipline looks about the same as it has in previous seasons, which overall, is a good thing.

And yet, if I were Brian Cashman (who showed strong interest in Cameron as a trade candidate last season), I'm not sure I'd do more than kick the tires.  Sure, if he'd sign for the same one year that we'd like Damon or Matsui to sign for, the sabermetrician in me would love the deal. 

However, combined with Swisher, that's a lot of strikeouts in our lineup.  Cameron's career low was to strike out once every 4 PA (back in 2000).  It's not that I think the strikeout is a 'bad' out, but I recognize that hitters prone to strikeouts tend to be streaky and/or vulnerable to top flight starting pitching.

Still, Cameron would actually be an upgrade over Damon because Cameron plays center (well) and could cover any outfield spot in a pinch.