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Cashman clear on Joba, Phil

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We have all winter to debate whether Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes should be in the starting rotation or the bullpen for the New York Yankees next season. But, let's come at the debate I am sure we will have for the next several months knowing exactly where General Manager Brian Cashman stands.

"I look at them as starters that can relieve," he said. "But I look at them as starters."

The Yankees will likely have lots of options for the back of the rotation, and no one knows for sure how it will play out. But, we know the organization seems steadfast in its belief that both guys are long-term rotation corner stones.

Let's look at some other stories making the rounds of the Inter-Google today that affect our World Champion Bronx Bombers.

More reasons to hate Scott Boras

Boras, we know, is the egotistical super-agent. Unfortunately for us, he represents Johnny Damon. Despite Damon' oft-stated desire to stay with the Yankees, Boras is not going to make that easy.

The Yankees were hoping all the joy associated with being a champion Yankee would motivate Johnny Damon to accept a one- or, at the most, two-year deal to return. However, his representative, Scott Boras, flushed the notion of a hometown bargain. Instead, he compared his client to Derek Jeter and sounded as if he wants a three- or four-year deal for Damon.

Oh, and if you want to replace Damon with free-agent Matt Holliday Boras represents him, too. And he wants Mark Teixeira money for Holliday.

WFAN's Sweeny Murti praises Brian Cashman

We have heard a lot of praise for Cashman recently, and will likely continue to hear it throughout the off-season. Here is WFAN's Sweeny Murti weighing in.

Did any of us really see this coming two years ago? Remember when Hank Steinbrenner was running amok, Joe Girardi was replacing Joe Torre, A-Rod was opting out and back in, and Johan Santana was on his way to Flushing instead of the Bronx?

Brian Cashman sat in front of the media last October and had what I called his "You can't handle the truth" moment, telling us all that he was going to re-write the story. None of us knew that he would be proven right only a year later.

Who's in Center Field? Gardbrera, and the Yanks are in good hands

The outstanding River Avenue Blues is looking at what went right for the Yankees in 2009. Here is their take on center field.

Across the board, the performance in centerfield improved in 2009. The Gardbrera duo (plus a two game cameo from Jerry Hairston Jr.) hit .273-.338-.400, as Melky once again carried most of the load. Not only was the offensive upgrade welcome, but the defense also improved immensely thanks to Gardner. The team’s UZR/150 in center jumped to +7.5, third best in the AL. The league average offense and well-above average defense gave the Yankees the most production out of the centerfield position since Bernie Williams was in his heyday.

Baseball GMs pass on expanding instant replay - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

Not a Yankee story, but I had to mention it.

Upon further review … baseball general managers like instant replay the way it is. GMs failed to take a vote Tuesday on expanding instant replay following a postseason filled with blown calls by umpires. "I know there are some who have talked off line about the expansion of instant replay," said Jimmie Lee Solomon, executive vice president of baseball operations in the commissioner’s office. "Right now, the commissioner doesn’t see any reason to consider it."

My take: i think it's stupid that baseball, with the technology already in place to improve the game, refuses to use it. Especially after the poor post-season umpiring we just witnessed.

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