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In Praise of Joe Girardi: Yankees win Game 3, 8-5

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Joe G. gave Swisher a game off; Swisher came back with two crucial extra base hits.

Joe G. pulled Andy early.  Andy wasn't great tonight, but he was gutsy enough that I was willing to send him back out there.  He also collected the first World Series RBI by a Yankee pitcher since Jim Bouton in 1964- part of a game changing 5th inning in which the wheel came off for Cole Hamels (who pitched a great game- Victorino had caught the lazy flies by Pettitte and Jeter it could have been a very different game).

Joe G. showed uncommon trust for his set-up men, sticking with Joba against Chase Utley with 2 out.  His confidence was rewarded when Joba got Utley, allowing Joe to double switch Matsui, who promptly homered. Joe then stuck with Marte against the righties Werth and Ibanez.

My only complaint is about how Joe handled Hughes.  I like bringing him in with a safe lead in the 9th inning even though he gave up the homer to Ruiz.  I think you have to give Hughes 1 more batter in that situation.  One more batter would not be the tying run, and instead you deny yourself the chance to use Mo for 2 tomorrow (though he did only throw 5 pitches).  I like what Joe Buck reported Hughes said, "I was worrying too much about scouting reports and got away from my strength."

Speaking of Buck, after giving so much attention to the lack of volume at New Yankee Stadium, he didn't say a word about the disappearing Philly fans.  "Let's Go Yankees" "Huuuughes" and "Hip Hip Jorge" were the loudest chants from the 6th inning on.

The Phillies have established a pattern: if they hit homers they hit them in pairs.  Let that be a lesson for tomorrow- if someone gets into one, walk him the next time up.  Keep that in mind during Ruiz's first AB.

On the offensive front, Alex Rodriguez reminded the world that even if he has a rough couple of game, he's still one of the best players in the game.  Joe Buck will probably still be complaining tomorrow about the 'questionable' home run off the camera that had to be reviewed, but Arod did what was needed.  He also reached base on a walk and a pair of HBP.