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ALDS Game 2: Yanks look to go 9-0 against Twins and take 2-0 lead

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(On 10.09.2009! More number fun! Though I may be playing it a little fast and loose with the word "fun" right now..)

It doesn't get any easier from here on out. I don't know who I'm referring to right now--the Yankees' battle with the Twins, or my stomach's battle with overwhelming anxiety and nausea.

On Wednesday, the Yankees took Game 1 of the ALDS with the help of CC Sabathia's 8K brilliance, and pouncing on the inadequate rest of a fatigued Twins' line-up. (I think that's the last I'll mention this little leg-up the Yanks had. Because I'm growing a bit aggravated with all the haters rationalizing that we had an unfair advantage. Life's not fair. One word: midges.)

Tonight, we're all on even ground (sleep-wise, anyway), with A.J. Burnett (13-9, 4.04) making his postseason debut against Nick Blackburn (11-11, 4.03). The way people talk about AJ, you'd think he was a call-up from the A's farm system or something. From what I can tell, he's a pretty good pitcher. The only, ONLY, thing I'll concede is that he may or may not be one of those one-extreme-to-the-other type arms.But for my money, I trust him--Jose Molina or not, AJ's too much of a manic nutjob to be complacent about feasting on the Twinks tonight.

Blackburn has been fantastic for the Twins down the stretch, winning his last 4 starts while posting a 1.65 ERA. Apparently, he's known as a "big game pitcher," proving once again that "significant sample size" is not a phrase in analyst lexicons. In 4 starts against the Yanks, however, he's 0-1 with a chubby 5.89 ERA. His control is excellent, his power unremarkable.

Which is EXACTLY the kind of pitcher that terrifies me.

I hope Kevin Long held some after-school study sessions on the Art of the Offspeed Pitch. We fans are the only people who should be dominated by instability right now...


Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees

10/09/09 6:07 PM EDT

Minnesota Twins New York Yankees
Denard Span - RF Derek Jeter - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS Johnny Damon - LF
Joe Mauer - C Mark Teixeira - 1B
Jason Kubel - DH Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Michael Cuddyer - 1B Hideki Matsui - DH
Delmon Young - LF Nick Swisher - RF
Carlos Gomez - CF Robinson Cano - 2B
Matt Tolbert - 3B Melky Cabrera - CF
Nick Punto - 2B Jose Molina - C