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I thought I was indifferent to which team wins the Red Sox-Angels series.

Both team feature powerful lineups and good to great starting pitching, so I'll be worried about a seven game series with either.

And I'm usually so annoyed by both teams. Boston because of the constant felation I'm forced to witness on ESPN.  Anaheim/ Los Angeles/ California because of the lazy analysis- gritty, ball players, manufacture. 

But watching last night's game, I found myself rooting for the Angels.  Not because of what the match-up means for the Yankees, but because there is a part of me that respects the Angels.

I loved Bobby Abreu when he was here- his patience at the plate, his blend of speed and power, and his arm in the outfield (though not his fear of the wall).

I miss Juan Rivera.  Remember when he was the perennial September call-up?  Somehow he never won the right field job after Paullie retired, and he waited until he was in Montreal in 2004 to have his career year (though I wonder if his name is on the list?).

I've always be covetous of Vlad Guerrero- I would have preferred him to Gary Sheffield, and (before his back began to bother him) he brought power and speed to the game.  All those years on the cement in Montreal both diminished his abilities and hid him from the spotlight.  I still don't think he received the attention he was (is) due.

And I admire the Angels farm system, how they usually seem to have a replacement player ready: Mathis, Nappoli, Aybar, Kendrick, Morales. 

I figured out who I'm rooting for in the other ALDS.