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Another Important Question

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Even after Jorge allowed 3 (!!!) passed balls in last night's game, leading to the Twins' first chance to score, I still want him to catch AJ Burnett.

But that's really the second questionable decision of Joe G.'s post season.  Because Brett Gardner had better start tomorrow.

They sat Gritty Gutty against the lefty.  I disagree with the move, but it's solid baseball think, so I won't pull my hair out over it.

But if Joe G. starts the superior defensive/ vastly inferior offensive catcher while benching the vastly superior defensive/ roughly equivalent offensive center fielder, I'm going to be upset.

Gardner's game is all about speed.  And he's got game changing speed.  It's not like the Yankees don't have other pinch runners.

Why wouldn't you use that speed offensively and defensively for 9 innings?

Leaving GGBG on the bench for the entire postseason is basically saying, I'm hoping that the other team scores their runs one homers and seeing eye singles so his defense wouldn't have been a factor, and I hope we're down by a run in the late innings with a man on first so that Gardner can steal second.