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So it's Minnesota

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There are clearly some pros and cons to playing the Minnesota Twins.


The Yankees are 7-0 against them this year and 18-6 over the last three.

They won't have their second best hitter, Justin Morneau.

After playing 12 innings and flying to New York, they will be tired. They also used eight pitchers tonight (including Joe Nathan).


They have the best player in the league catching for them.

After going 0-7 this year, perhaps they're due. The Yankees certainly were after starting 0-8 vs. Boston.

They're a better team than when we last saw them in July. They've added Orlando Cabrera and (don't laught) Carl Pavano since then.

They certainly have momentum (which is only worth as much as the next day's starter). They're 17-4 in their last 21 games.

The Twins are a better road team (38-43 vs. 35-47) and a better overall team than Detroit: they have a +52 run differential. Detroit was -2.


The road to 11 starts tomorrow at 6 p.m.