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The best team in baseball

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No matter what happens in the playoffs, we can safely say the Yankees were the best team in baseball this season. As we all know, anything can happen in a best-of-X series, so a better way to determine the quality of a team is to use as big a sample size as possible. Over 162 games, the New York Yankees had the best record (103-59) in the game, and were six games better than the second best team (Anaheim).

The Yanks haven't won 103 games since 2002 and 100 since 2004. They had the best home record (57-24) and third best road record (46-35).

The Bombers were .500 or better against every AL team and had a losing record against just three teams (1-2 respectively vs. Philly, Washington and Florida).

They had the best run differential in the AL (+162) and were second in baseball (trailing the Dodgers' +169). The Yankees led the league in the following offensive categories: runs scored, on-base percentage, slugging average and OPS+.

As far the pitching goes, they led the AL in strikeouts and were third in WHIP.

The defense was fifth best in the AL, turning 69.7% of balls in play into outs.

And perhaps the most encouraging fact: the average age of a Yankee pitcher (29.3) was the youngest it's been since 1996.

Ladies and gents, your 2009 New York Yankees: the best team in the game.

Now to prove it in the playoffs...