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Game 162: The Final Cut

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It's audition day at the Trop.

Joba will audition for the post-season roster from the bullpen.

Freddy Guzman will audition for the pinch runner role that would free Gritty Gutty Brett Gardner to roam centerfield.

The 'other' relievers will audition for the final spot in the bullpen.

And elsewhere, the Tigers and Twins will be fighting for a flight to New York.

There's not much to say about the short but efficient outing we're all hoping for from AJ Burnett, or even too much to say about his opponent, promising 24 year old righty Wade Davis. AJ's getting a tune up and the rookie is getting a cup of coffee.

From everything being said and written, I expect the Yankees to select the longer series for the playoffs, although they don't have to make an announcement until an hour after the Central Champ is crowned.. It lets them use their star pitchers (starters and relievers) more often and for more innings because of the extra off-days. The earlier start forces their AL Central opponent to rush to New York.

I want to say how awesome it is that for a week of meaningless games, we've averaged around 300 comments a game thread. You guys rock my socks.

Let's go Yankees!