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Joba Starts Early Bid for a Roberto Clemente Award

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Lost in the bustle of Game 2's pregame ceremony (and mostly ignored by Buck and McCarver during their Pedro love fest), was that Derek Jeter won the 2009 Roberto Clemente Award.

Joba is following the Captain's example and will be hosting a benefit for Camp Acorn, a summer/winter social and recreational program for children and young adults with multiple disabilities.

Joba has gotten a lot of press for his hard childhood and for his off-field mistakes.  He's a professional athlete, and no one would really be surprised if he just went home in the offseason.  Most guys start foundations and charities after they sign big free agent deals, but Joba isn't waiting for his big payday before giving back.  It's a conscious decision to try to parlay fame into support for a worthy cause.

Camp Acorn is selling tickets for the benefit in Garfield, NJ on November 16th.  I'm sure Joba will have some great stories to tell, so if anybody goes, share so that we can all have an off-season laugh.