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A Thought on the Sound of Yankee Stadium

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Joe Buck makes it a regular part of his commentary.

Fellow Fox tool Ken Rosenthal wrote a column about it.

So let me throw in my 2 cents about the sound of New Yankee Stadium.

1) The accoustics are different.  The upper bowl is pulled back significantly from the overhanging upper deck of the Old Stadium.  This effects the volume

2) There is room for 52,325 fans including standing room.  Old Yankee Stadium housed 57,545, a reduction of nearly 10%.

3) In my experience, the piped in sound effects tend to drown out organic noise while the Yankees bat.  For whatever reason, the Yankees have made the decision not to used sound effects while the Yanks pitch and play defense- a time when it seems the average fan needs more guidance.

4) There seemed to be more non-Yankee fans at the Stadium than previous seasons.  I suspect this has to do with the equal opportunity selling power of Stubhub.

The explaination I don't buy (the one offered by Rosenthal, Rollins, and so many other Yankee Haters) is the price of the seats, at least in the postseason.  You're not paying hundreds of dollars for a seat without being a genuinely dedicated fan.