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Prediction Evaluation

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Back in April, Ed, Travis and I laid out our preseason predictions.  

Here's how we're scoring: 5 points for the division winner/ wild card, another point for each team in the right position.

The AL East:  

We all picked Toronto to finish last in the division, but wow the O's suck.  Travis and Ed picked the Yanks to finish second, Travis behind the Rays and Ed behind the Yankees.

Travis: 0 Ed: 1  jscape: 5

The AL Central:

This is embarrassing: we hate the Tigers.  Ed and I picked them to finish last in the division behind the Royals, Travis put them 4th.  Travis and I have a chance to pick up big points if the Twins make the post-season.  Call this one, results pending.

Travis: 1 Ed: 1  jscape: 0

The AL West:

The Angels were runaway favorites for the West. I believed in the A's, and I was wrong; I tapped them for the wild card, and instead they went straight to the basement.  Travis scores for picking the Rangers to finish second. I matched him for the M's in third.

Travis: 6 Ed: 5 jscape: 6

The AL Wildcard:

The Hat Trick.  Travis and Ed picked the Yanks, I had the A's.

Travis: 0 Ed: 0  jscape: 0

The NL East:

So... how 'bout them Mets?  At least Travis picked the Phillies, and Ed and I knew the Nats would suck.

Travis: 5 Ed: 2  jscape: 1

The NL Central:

We believed the hype and bout high on the Cubs.  I even picked the Brewers to push Albert Pujols (and the Cardinals) to third. Only Travis correctly identified the Pirates as the worst in the division.

Travis: 1 Ed: 0  jscape: 0 

The NL West:

The Dodgers have to hold onto the division to make happy men out of Ed and Travis.  I picked pitchers and put the D-backs and Giants at the top of my division- that worked out really well since Arizona sucked more than Padres. And who could foresee the Rockies returning to the postseason?

Travis: 6 Ed: 6 jscape: 0

The NL Wildcard:

Another hat trick, this time with an East Coast bias: Travis for the Mets, Ed for the Phillies, and the Marlins for me.

Travis: 0 Ed: 0 jscape: 0


Travis: 19  Ed: 15  jscape: 12

If the Twins take the AL Central, I can jump into second place, but Travis has run away with it.

So what do you say Travis?  What do you predict for the postseason?