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Game 161: Tune Up

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So Joba and CC fell a little flat in their post-season tune ups, but now it's Andy's turn.

He'll face 26 year-old Jeff Niemann, who is having a solid rookie year (1.35 WHIP, 2.07 K/BB).

My real interest is in center field: Melky came up limbing after a stumble on the bases, but he'd started the last couple games. I'm afraid that Joe G. is really going to follow through with putting the equivalent hitter (.754 OPS v .728 OPS) but lesser defender (-3.2 vs 56.8 UZR/150) in the starting lineup in the hopes that the Yankees will be trailing by a single run in the late innings.

I can't complain about Joe G. too much, but he came here as a numbers guy, and he's been frighteningly persuaded by the pinch runner narrative.