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A Quick Glance at the Lineups

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I heard it from a buddy of mine who's a Phillies fan.

I heard it on NY sports radio on the way in to work.

Now I've seen our own PortlandYankee give the Phillies lineup the nod over our own New York Yankees.

And I'm scratching my head a little, but I'm willing to be wrong, so I gave the lineups a quick glance:

OPS+ UZR/150
Jorge Posada 130 NA
Carlos Ruiz 103 NA
Mark Teixeira 146 -2.4
Ryan Howard 139 1.4
Robinson Cano 126 -4.9
Chase Utley 135 8.8
Alex Rodriguez 143 -7.6
Pedro Felix 80 3.1
Derek Jeter 129 5.3
Jimmy Rollins 85 2.3
Johnny Damon 123 -11.9
Raul Ibanez 130 8.1
Melky Cabrera 97 2.6
Shane Victorino 109 -1.9
Nick Swisher 126 -1.6
Jason Werth 127 5.7
Hideki Matsui 128 NA
Matt Stairs 93 NA


Let's call Tex vs. Howard a push.

Obviously, Chase Utley is the best 2B in the game.  We've known that for several year.

The Phillies have an edge in the outfield corners because of the quality of their defense; however, I've seen Raul Ibanez play left field in Yankee Stadium.  I think that it's much closer that most commentators think.

The Yankees have a clear edge at DH, catcher, third base, and shortstop.  DH, catcher and third base we all expected.  But am I the only one a little surprised by how completely Jeter outclasses Rollins?

Centerfield is a trickier position to call.  Victorino has Melky by 12 points of OPS+, a margin, but not a huge one.  Melky has Victorino by 4 and half runs on defense.  In centerfield, my gut goes with defense, but I'll call it a push.

What do you think?

I'll run down the pitching staffs this evening.