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The 40th Pennant

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First, a tip of the cap to the Angels for a great series.  As much as we like to complain about our hitters not coming through, it was because we faced one of the best pitching staffs in the league.  These were some of the tightest games I can remember- the margin of error in every game but Game 4 was razor thin.

Andy Pettitte was his solid self, holding down the Angels until the Yankees could muster some offense.  The Yanks barely got anything going, Posada grounding into a DP with the bases loaded and a chance to turn a nail bitter into a blowout.

It will be a first World Series for a slew of players: Only Jeter, Mo, Posada, Pettitte, Johnny Damon and Jose Molina have been here before.

And now for the Phillies.  

It's only the 3rd time the Yankees have faced a defending champ in the World Series (against the Braves in '95, the Reds in '76, the (Milwaukee) Braves in '58, the Dodgers in '56, the Cardinals in '43, and the New York Giants in '23 and '22.  The Yankees are 4-2 in those series, only losing to the Big Red Machine and McGraw's Giants in '22.