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ALCS Game 6: Take Two

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I feel for Ed and all the other Giants fans out there forced to choose. The NFL already shuffled its schedules in a blatant ratings grab, putting the Jets and Giants against each other again so that it could show Brett Farve vs the Packers in a prime time spot.

Bud Selig and MLB are just reminding the die hards like us that we're really not important. If an extra half a million casual fans tune in for a few innings, it's more important than the actual quality of the game.

So we play tonight- Joe Saunders against Andy Pettitte.

Most of Yankee Universe feels good about the matchup, and with good reason. Arod (.500/.533/1.071), Posada (.500/.600/.500) and Jeter (.467/.500/.733) have had consistent success against Saunders. If those 3 are on tonight, only a little help from the rest of team will be necessary (which is good because Swisher .238/.360/.381 and Damon.286/.375/.357 are the only ones whose numbers are vaguely respectable.

On the other side of the coin, all of the Angels have solid numbers against Pettitte, although he has held Yankee-killer Howie Kendrick to a .250 OBP. I'll especially hold my breath when Vlad is up to bat (.391/.417/.522).

If the Yankees can get into the Angels' bullpen early, it will be a good night for the Bombers.