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All CC, all the time: Yankees win 10-1, take 3-1 series lead

Wow... just wow. What else can you say about the Yankees' ace? He matched his phenomenal game one performance with another eight innings of one run ball - and on short rest to boot! Things looked a bit iffy in the fifth, when he allowed a solo homer to Kendry Morales and then consecutive singles, but Sabathia escaped with no further damage. Then in the seventh, the first two batters reached before then he induced a GDP and a groundout.

His postseason stats: 3-0, 22.2 ip, 1.19 ERA, 17 H, 3 BB, 20 K.

Only slightly outdone was Alex Rodriguez (3-4, HR, 2B, 3 R, 2 RBI, BB), who continues to mash the ball. He's also apparently the best baserunner on the team - while Brett Gardner is getting thrown out, Robbie Cano isn't stepping on third, and Nick Swisher's getting picked off (despite the call), A-Rod is stealing a base, tagging up (successfully), and scoring on grounders with a drawn-in infield... remarkable.

The big hit came off the bat of Melky Cabrera - the Yanks were up 1-0 in the fourth, the bases were loaded with one out: he lined a sharp grounder between third and short that scored two. Just when Melky was being doubted, he came through with three hits and four RBI (and it all started with a gorgeous bunt single).

Scott Kazmir was fortunately just as ineffective as his last game: 4 ip, 4 ER, 6 H, 4 BB, 89 pitches. For whatever reason (perhaps it's as simple as the AL West isn't the AL East), he hasn't been the same pitcher in the postseason that he was for the Angels down the stretch.

The umpiring has to be addressed. It was again atrocious. The umps blew two clear calls in one inning! Nick Swisher should have been picked off at second, but was called safe. He later scored on a sac-fly only to have it negated on appeal for supposedly leaving early - he didn't. Then, inexplicably, the Yankees were gifted an extra out when Cano and Posada were both tagged out standing near thirdbase. Why neither of them decided to actually stay on the bag, or why Tim McLelland called only one of them out is beyond me. (In his postgame interview, McLelland admitted his multiple screw-ups.)

Don't let any Angel fans bother you with 'conspiracy theories' about the umpires: Swisher's non-pickoff was made up for with the appeal at third (where he was actually safe), and the shoulda-been DP with Cano and Posada made no difference as the next batter grounded out to end the inning. Plus the Yankees happened to win the game 10-1, not 2-1.

(Not to get off topic too much, but the New York Football Giants game this past Sunday had numerous poor calls go against them, yet I can still admit Naw'luhns was the better team... they did win by 21 points after all, about the equivalent of nine runs in baseball.)

Speaking of poor baserunning, how could Posada not score on Cano's double (that occurred right before the apparent DP)? He was standing on second and Cano doubled... Posada made it 90 feet. Inexplicable.

As for more bad baserunning, what is it with Brett Gardner and his sudden inability to steal? He was gunned down for the second straight game, and is now 1-3 in the playoffs (in SB attempts). In Monday's game, Jeff Mathis made a ridiculous throw, but that wasn't the case tonight - it was just your run-of-the-mill toss, yet Gardner was clearly out (again). It appears that a couple reasons are behind it: 1) he's not getting as good a jump as normal, which may be due to Angels pitchers making an extra effort to keep him close; 2) Erick Aybar seems to be excellent at quickly catching the ball and tagging the sliding runner. Anyway, it's ironic that the two Yankees that were caught stealing were Gardner and Jeter while the two successful base-stealers were A-Rod and Posada.

Game 4 is on Thursday at 8 p.m.: Burnett vs. Lackey.