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A Note on the Offense

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At first brush, it looks like the Yanks didn't hit last night.  8 hits over 11 innings.  But they mixed in 7BB.  That's 15 baserunners to the Angels' 15 (13 hits + 2BB).

The offense had a plan and they stuck to that plan.  They were unlucky that their homers came with the bases empty, and a couple of linedrives went right at infielders.

They worked the count, driving Weaver from the game after 5.  Darren Oliver pitched really well in middle relief- the Angels are a good team, and they were bound to have a good game.  But I doubt the Angels will be lucky enough to get 13 hits in a game; I think the Yankees can beat 8.

The Yankees are hitting .243/.321/.463 this post season.  Compare that with the Angels (.232/.314/.374), or the Dodgers (.252/.319/.376).  It's really hard to hit in the postseason, and our team has been measurably better than anyone not employing Ryan Howard.  Even the Phillies are only at .262/.359/.450, so we're outslugging even them, and we're only a single or two away from their BA and OBP.

This was the deepest, most patient, most dangerous offense in baseball from the time Arod came back to life.  We still have that offensive advantage.

Last night's loss just makes today bounce back day.