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Now That I Can Think Rationally

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I try hard to be logical, rational, and judicious.  Really, I do.  But when I googled it, 2 of the top 3 results for Fire Joe Girardi are posts I've written here on Pinstripe Alley.

So it took some real effort on my part to get past the red haze of my fury.  And now that I can look at it calmly, I can see that my first reaction was the right one.

It's the unnecessary moves that have me angry.  Not just the quick hook on the relievers, but the bad choices for the lineup that have me upset.  I could be wrong.  Or the Yankees can win the next two games to clinch the pennant, and then my righteous indignation will be meaningless.

Brett Gardner is too talented to be limited to pinch running duties, especially with Freddie Guzman on the team to pinch run.  I'd argue that Melky (5/20, 2BB) or Swisher (3/18, 1BB) would be a good candidate to sit for half a game and pinch hit.

I'm not upset that we lost; it's how we lost.  I know how hard it is to win on the road in extras.

Since the inception of the Wild Card in 1995, there have been 52 postseason games (including two "163rd" games to decide a playoff spot) that have gone to extra innings.... The home team has triumphed in 35 of these contests, for a 67% winning percentage.

But to lift a guy who has just thrown only 11 pitches, who has recorded 2 outs while allowing no baserunners, and who has shown a bulldog's tenacity...  To put in your second to last pitcher in a tied game in the 11th inning after only 2 batters....

It's a fireable offense.  Not if they win, obviously.  Not if CC makes this a slight hiccup in an otherwise brilliant postseason.  It's the first time the Yankees have been to the ALCS since 2004, so there are plenty of ways for Joe G. to earn himself a contract extention.  But Grady Little was fired for a smaller mistake.  Billy Martin got fired (the first time) for suspending Reggie Jackson when the slugger bunted- a smaller mistake.

There's still plenty of season left to make us all forget Game 2.  A strong start from CC would be a big step in the right direction.