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"He did it again! He did it again!"

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To say last night's game was a 'great' is probably an understatement. The most amazing thing? It kept me, an apparently old guy who falls asleep in front of the TV by 10:30 almost every night, wide awake until 1:30.

This is the Alex Rodriguez we have been waiting years to see. Here is some great A-Rod stuff from Sam Borden.

  • To be honest, for all his remarkable numbers, A-Rod has never inspired legend quite like a Williams or Ruth, a Bonds or a Mantle. Yet through five postseason games, he now has three home runs that have either tied or put the Yankees ahead. One off Joe Nathan and another off Brian Fuentes, two pretty darn good closers, too.
  • His story of exorcising October demons has almost become old hat. Four times he has been asked the same questions and four times he has continued to repeat what he said in St. Pete. "I know you guys are probably looking for something profound. I’m just in a good place. I’m seeing the ball and I’m hitting it. That’s about it." Rodriguez now has an RBI in each of the first five postseason games, setting a new Yankee record.
  • Burnett said he, Phil Hughes, Phil Coke and Joba Chamberlain were in the clubhouse watching the 11th inning unfold. People would never believe the scene they made after Rodriguez hit the tying homer. "We were like little kids," Burnett said, "jumping around and hugging."
  • In the dugout, Mark Teixeira couldn’t fathom that Rodriguez had done it. Again. "I just kept yelling, ‘He did it again! He did it again!" Teixeira said. "I just couldn’t believe it."
  • By the way, I think 'jscape' is right. This Yankee team is the most fun to watch since that 1996 squad. Let's just hope they finish with a ring.