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We're Not Worthy

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This Yankee pitching staff has been incredible.

Ponder if you will:

10 runs in 51 IP.  

I think the story of the night is the bullet the Yankees dodged by winning when they did.  Joe G's willingness to use Joba for less than an inning of work is starting to bother me.

Check out what the world has to say about the Yankees:

The Times compares JHJ to Juis Sojo:

"I came up with the Orioles, and I saw those great Yankee teams," Hairston said. "They obviously had superstars, but the Scott Brosiuses, the Jim Leyritzes, the Luis Sojos, those are all guys who made positive contributions."

They also gave some attention to Joe G.'s bullpen management:

After lifting Burnett, Manager Joe Girardi churned through Phil Coke and Joba Chamberlain in the seventh, Phil Hughes in the eighth, and then Rivera, Aceves, Damaso Marte and Dave Robertson. Only Chad Gaudin remained; even Nick Swisher had been taken out.

The NYPost paid attention to the bullpen's tightwire act.

Mariano Rivera threw 2 1/3 scoreless innings and Joba Chamberlain left the bases loaded in the seventh. David Robertson worked around a two-out double by Jeff Mathis in the 12th and Robinson Cano's second error on Erick Aybar's leadoff grounder in the 13th.

Our buddies at LoHud divide last night's heroes into 3 categories: Arod, JHJ and the bullpen.  I find this quote from Joe G. telling:

"I knew I had Gaudin for 75 pitches. You’re thinking that’s four or five innings. In your mind you can’t necessarily say I think this game is going to go 19 innings."