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Yankees 4, Angels 3: I Can't Think

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3000+ comments.  5 threads.  5 hours.  13 innings. (only?) 13 hits. 1 pie.  The Yankees are 52-1 when they hold the opponent to 2 runs or less.  Crazy Yankee Chick will certainly have something to make of those numbers.

A brilliant outing by AJ.  

A homer for the Captain.

An Arod homer on the 0-2 count to tie in a must score inning.

Magical work by Houdini Robertson.

A clutch pinch hit for Jerry Hairston.

I can't think any more tonight.  I'll write a real recap tomorrow.  Oh sweet Lord, I think I love this team more than any team since 1996.

Comment of the Game:

If Melky hits a walkoff

I’m buying black tacos for everyone

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