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The Lefties in the Pen

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This is all prefaced by the phrase "I don't really want to see Damaso Marte pitch in the ALCS."

But the lazy sportswriter (and lazy manager) way of approaching carrying 2 lefties is to regard them as available to try to keep Bobby Abreu off base.

But there's plenty of room to use a lefty against the Angels.

Check it out:

Hitter vs LHP vs RHP
Mike Napoli .330/.417/.606 .253/.327/.455
Kendry Morales .296/.319/.481 .309/.366/.596
Howie Kendrick .313/.331/.500 .278/.336/.409
Erick Aybar .325/.356/.411 .305/.351/.411
Chone Figgins .246/.325/.305 .323/.427/.437
Juan Rivera .333/.385/.645 .271/.313/.418
Torii Hunter .336./.400/.578 .287/.354/.484
Bobby Abreu .267/.348/.386 .305/.408/.457
Vlad Guerrero
.250/.276/.410 .311/.354/.477

I'd be happy using a lefty against Vlad (doesn't make sense does it?), Figgins, or Morales.  On the other hand, every time CC or Andy gets past Juan Rivera and Torii Hunter I'm going to heave a huge sigh of relief.