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New York Yankees news and notes: Ahh, great baseball weather

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Here are a few New York Yankees-related items to keep you occupied while you wait for tonight's Game of the ALCS.

  • Travis yesterday mentioned the brutal weather conditions that are expected tonight. Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News has an update on the forecast, and it is not pretty. It sure is a great idea playing baseball in the Northeast this late in the year, isn't it? You think privately Bud Selig might be hoping for an Angels-Dodgers World Series so he doesn't look like an even bigger idiot for pushing the season all the way into November?
  • There may or may not be baseball at Yankee Stadium tonight. There definitely will not be a Ronan Tynan sighting in the 7th inning, though. Seems Ronan is a great tenor, but his sense of humor could use a little adjusting.
  • The Onion had some fun with Alex Rodriguez this week, as only the The Onion can. 
  • The Wall Street Journal, yes, the WSJ, has a piece on the wild and crazy Yankees.
  • Halos Heaven, SBN's Angels blog, has a post titled 'Why do you hate the Yankees?' It actually includes a pretty entertaining list. Just play nice if you go over there to comment, please.