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The Rotation and the Rain

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Once again, Sam Borden has the down-low from the Boogie Down:

Game 1:
Sabathia vs. Lackey

Game 2:
Burnett vs. Saunders

Game 3:
Pettitte vs. Weaver

Game 4:
Sabathia vs. Kazmir

My take?  While the Angels are probably smart to get the flyball prone Weaver out of Yankee Stadium, I find Joe Saunders a much less intimidating opponent. 

The more I think about the potential rain scenarios, however, the less sure I am of anything.  So long as CC starts Friday, the postseason plans remain constant; if Game 2 is a wash and AJ pitches Sunday, he still has 3 days off before Game 5.  In the event of rain, the best thing would be to push the whole series back an eliminate that stupid off day between Games 4 and 5.  That way they don't have to play a night game, fly cross country and then play another game all in about 36 hours.

Rain has spoiled our postseason plans before (see Schilling, Curt: 2004).  Are you worried a rainout on Friday or Saturday would change the complexion of the series?